Engineer / Outdoorsman / Programming enthusiast

(I'm the one at the back)

Welcome to my website, for whatever reason you're here. It isn't fully complete yet, but will become a catalog of my work, my programming journey and where I host some of the projects I actually use. Most importantly, it is a site exposed to the world where I experiment with new ideas and make sure they actually work.

There's my professional journey, where I share the roles I've had, the work I've done and what I've learnt since I finished undergrad way back in 2010.

I have my folio, where I share projects from my recent adventures in javascript. There are some old classics and some more unconventional examples in there.

Finally there are my applications, that I actually use, straddling the line between intellectual exercise and useful product. The page that accesses them and the services themselves are running in containers on my server at home. If you care about that sort of thing some (but not all) are available here.