I am an engineer/personal trainer. I've worked as a manufacturing engineer, building modeller and fluid modeller. I have interests in web design, 3D printing, linux admin as well as cycling and hiking.

Working for Toyota

I am currently working with Toyota in Supplier Development, implementing Toyota Production System (more commonly understood as 'lean' or TPS) principles among our suppliers to help them stay competitive in tough operating conditions. It has been a great experience so far learning how manufacturing works, delivering training in TPS to suppliers and coordinating improvement activities. The exposure to Toyota's culture, mindset and way of working has been an eye opener after a theory intensive degree and internship.

Previous Experience

After finishing my masters at Melbourne Uni I continued down the technical path with an internship and modelling work. I've developed skills in Matlab, OpenFOAM, StarCCM+, DesignBuilder and Open Studio through these experiences. These different applications have taught me to learn quickly and efficiently to meet get jobs done and achieve goals.

While at uni I also became a Personal Trainer and worked at Fitness First helping people achieve their fitness goals.